Meet The Team


Incorporated in 2013, Avalon Asset Management Pte Ltd believes in giving the best commitment to serve Building Owners and Management Corporations in managing their investment by providing property management solutions to meet their property’s needs and enhancing the value of their property to the fullest.


We have had managed a diverse portfolio of residential, industrial, commercial and mixed development properties. Through a team of trained and experienced property managers and executives, we aim to raise the benchmark of satisfaction in this competitive market. We pay attention in short-listing the most suitable candidates who possess the personality with the right fit to manage your developments.

Our strategy is to implement systems and to keep our outfit lean to boost productivity and deliver service quality to our clients who are looking for “value-added” agents to manage their investment. Hence we are always pro-active in identifying ways of enhancing the investment value of your property to the fullest.


With our management staff more than 10 years of experience on the local scene, the company will eventually established itself as one of the foremost practices in Singapore with a reputation for integrity and efficiency matched by its dedication to providing Building Owners from all walks of life with sound advice on property management. We are confident in delivering our professional service to you and we trust that we will be able to meet your expectations in all areas.












Our Mission


At Avalon, we are totally committed to provide the highest standards of property management solutions through a comprehensive range of services and processes.  These are formulated and delivered by professional qualified staff with diverse experience in their respective fields. In this pursuit, we are continuously expanding the expertise of our practice, monitoring improvements and innovations in building management techniques and to introduce such changes for the benefit of our clients.


Hence, our mission is always “AIMING TO ENHANCE YOUR ASSETS”.


Our Directors

Kelvin Toi – Has 15 years’ experience in local property management industry. Previously had worked in leading property management companies (Chan Kok Hong, Colliers and Knight Frank) managing a diverse portfolio of residential, commercial, industrial and mixed developments.


Oversees and supervises a team of managers, executives etc to handle the operations and maintenance of the developments. Some developments are large-scaled projects comprising more than 500 units.


Kelvin Toi holds a Bachelor of Business (Property) which specializes in property management and property valuation and Diploma in Building and Real Estate Management. He is also a qualified Fire Safety Manager (FSM) who is able to advise competently on the fire safety aspects of developments. Currently a practicing FSM for an industrial premises.



Our Senior Management Staff



Liembeth Kuan (Senior Property Manager – Operations) - Has more than 30 years’ experience in property management. He had previously worked in DTZ, a leading managing agent company as a property manager overseeing a portfolio of projects ranging from residential, commercial, industrial and mixed developments.


He is responsible for the operations, contracts procurement, monitoring performance of the term contractors, budgetary controls, managing landlord & tenant relations etc.


He is also involved in the management of management corporations and handling tenancy management matters for individual absentee landlords where he has established close relations with many owners and tenants.



Koh Chong Seng (Senior Accounts Manager) – Is a certified accountant and has more than 20 years’ of experience in managing trust accounts. Responsible for overseeing all financial and accounting aspects of all managed projects in the company (ie; generating maintenance invoices, preparing statement of accounts, monthly financial statements and arrears management etc).