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Our centralized and dedicated management team involvement in the day to day operations of your investment through provision of clear directions and advice to our site team ensures that our staffs are constantly working in line with the company’s overall objectives. This enables the company to implement time-tested formula for successful operations and management of your estate.


We believe in constant refining in our systems. These systems include having in place our Standard Operating Procedures and Audit Checklists used for routine inspection. Human error can be picked up internally through these systems, thus ensuring efficiency and effectiveness.


We also believe in investing in people. Thus, we seek our client’s indulgence to engage our staff in their HQ training session where staffs pick up the relevant knowledge and skills. Everyone can share their experiences and expertise through problem-sharing and knowledge exchange.


We are readily available to offer our clients valuable advice in order for them to make informed decisions. These advices are based on years of expertise and experience from the many estates that we have managed, thus our solutions offered will vary according to your needs. This helps to enhance the awareness of our clients to the many options and possible solutions on property management related matters. These solutions and information are at no additional charges to our clients and are delivered by our management team who attend council meetings.


Our management objectives ensure that our clients’ obligations under the Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act (BMSMA) are fully complied with and subsidiary proprietors / occupiers derive optimum satisfaction through our services.


Avalon Asset Management

Price Factor


Our fees are competitive with reference to the best in our industry and do not comprise our relentless strive towards service excellence.


The confidence that our client gave us will increase our project portfolio exponentially through referrals and our extensive network within our industry.

Our Competitive Edge and Value Added Services


Our director has more than 10 years of senior leadership experience. The training in people management skills and work quality exemplify our service to your estate’s needs.


In our pursuit to remain at the cutting edge of competition for the delivery of quality professional services, we are able to value-add and maximizes savings for our clients.

Avalon Asset Management

Our Alliance with Legal and Engineering Consultants


In our many years of service in the local scene, we have entered into an alliance with a team of legal counsels and engineering consultants to deliver a seamless service to our clients.


The alliance combines the resources and expertise to create an environment for improving services and strengthening standards, while maintaining control and management.


The alliance also forms a common goal to provide our clients with a standard level of service across the estates we manage. This will combine the excellent services, skills and standards of the organizations.

Avalon Asset Management
Avalon Asset Management

Bulk Purchasing

Avalon Asset Management

Contractors Accreditation

Avalon Asset Management

Web Portal

With our long standing relationships with suppliers and contractors under our management, we are able to procure materials and services at bulk discount rates for clients. This includes the purchase of light bulbs and routine maintenance services such as cleaning, landscaping.

In our efforts to provide professional services for our clients, we have placed a scheme to accredit contractors in the various trades such as security, cleaning, landscaping and pest control. Our contractors are accredited based on the following criteria: financial capability, track records, organizational structure, quality system and IT-readiness. Their performance is also stringently monitored for optimum results on an annual basis by our company audit team.

We offer an exclusive portal and web design service. This web-portal is optional but we would strongly like to advise our Clients to adopt it. It is a powerful tool that enables the following:


  • E-booking For Facilities

  • E-feedback For Complaints Management

  • E-bulletin For Notices, Newsletters, Circulars

  • E-brochure for Estate Information