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Web Portal


We offer an exclusive integrated online property management system for residential properties such as condominiums and apartments. Our web portal provides fully featured management functions including facility maintenance and booking, asset management, vehicles, residents, house defects, inquiry, online privilege shops, online communities and so on. It is ideally suited to help managers managed property more efficiently and by delivering more useful functions for residents.


AAM aims to replace countertop registers with our web portal to process all bookings, service requests, feedbacks etc. Improve communication, access to information, and collaboration between condo, strata, owners, board or council members, and property managers.



Our web portal provides not only great features for a safer and more convenient living lifestyle for residents but also deliver the privilege services such as online shopping and community activities for residents, so to enable residents to lead a richer life.



Our web portal is an integrated management platform specialized the management of residential buildings such as condominiums and apartments. It provides fully-featured management functions so that managers and management staff can maintain the estate and take care of the convenient and comfort living of the residents.



Our web portal allows sponsors to sign-up and provide the best products and services with exclusive price to the residents. Feature functions such as promotion, offer, events and time sales enable the sponsors to better manage the business. If you want to be a sponsor, feel free to contact us.

Unlike any other software solutions in existence.

It is more than just a booking site.

Helps create community activities and promotes inter-properties social interaction.

It empowers Management Councils, Managers and even Residents.


  • Access and manage essential owners, tenants and occupiers

  • Manage visitors and vehicle more effectively

  • Create and assign maintenance work orders

  • Maintain a Comprehensive Community Calendar

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